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Hi - I am Harry, a high school student who likes math, physics, and coding. Recently, I'm interested in computer graphics.

This site was created initially for hosting pages I made for personal use. I made tools that I can't find anywhere else on the internet. You are free to use and share them, and I'm happy to see people get help from my works.

Pages on this site that I find most useful:

Math notes: a math formula sheet I keep for years that can never be completed. I don't memorize all the formulas, so I check them when I need to. I "discovered" some of the equations, but their correctness is not guaranteed.

Complex grapher: A tool for visualizing and sharing complex-variable math functions.

My other tools/notes that you may find helpful:

MathJax tester: a LaTeX equation editor I used in creating math formula sheets.

Matrix visualizer: interactive visualization of 2d/3d/4d transformation matrices.

SVG path tester: a sketchy tool for visualizing SVG path data, with moving and zooming feature.

Color picker: A color picker and converter that outputs color strings in many formats.

Chemical equation balancer: as a programming exercise, getting tired of doing science homework.

Integral substitutions: a list of commonly used area and volume elements in calculus as well as substitutions for calculating multidimensional integral.

A backup of all of my saved Desmos graphs: the index page

Blogs, experiments, and explorations:

I wrote few blogs to record my ideas and experiments. Currently, all blogs I posted on this site are math/technology based. Since most of them are incomplete, and many of my writings made me feel insane when I read them, I decided not to post the link to my blogs on this page. If you are really curious about what they are, you can click this link to see a list of pages on this site.

Random stuff

Just stay away and you'll be safe from me! - Queen Elsa from the movie Frozen

Other stuffs

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